The internet’s dead. The phone’s dead. Alice wakes from flu to find the world dead. Or is it?
Choosing a few special photos, she sets off in search of other survivors. They’ve made it through the worst pandemic. Now it’s time for a new life.

Set in Scotland, Incunabulum gets to grips with issues including social class and the Scots language. And when the social order crumples and it’s every man for himself, what happens to equal rights for women?

‘a visceral, wild ride set in Scotland… pure braw’ MM

A post-pandemic novel for our times.

Incunabulum – £9.99 signed copy, direct from Carol (includes p&p, UK only)

Praise for Incunabulum

Although a more imagined fiction than Douglas Stuart’s Booker winning Shuggie Bain, it has something of Shuggie’s atmosphere of bleak authenticity. I found it page-turningly compelling and evocatively characterised. It not only speaks to a topical theme, it does so with a strong Scottish accent.’ Gillean Somerville-Arjat, Scottish Review, Feb 2021 

surgical illustration of the tenacity of capitalist ideologies … the novel highlights both the security of habits and their need to be changed. Alice articulates this when, taking her glasses off during a conversation about the tragedy of her lost baby, she says, “My life always looked better out of focus”. This analogy reverberates throughout the novel, pointing to the need for a new focus, new ways of seeing.’ Valerie Beattie, Northwords Now, issue 40, 2020

Author Leela Soma interviewed me about Incunabulum on her blog. You can read it here.

‘Hamilton author pens book about the aftermath of a pandemic 15 years before COVID-19’  Big thanks to Shirley Bartynek of The Daily Record for interviewing me about Incunabulum.

Incunabulum is published by PotHole Press.

Incunabulum is also available for Kindle and in paperback, and is available for sale through Waterstones, Amazon and Apple iBooks store.

To read an excerpt, follow this link to the Kindle version on Amazon.

Buy a signed print copy of Incunabulum for £9.99 (includes p&p, UK only)

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