Poet and writer of fiction, creative non-fiction and life-writing.

Based in Lanarkshire and Argyll in Scotland.

A selection of my poems has been published by Hedgehog Press. (I won their White Label – Quatre poetry pamphlet competition!)
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Epic story-telling about aftermath, social and personal rebirth and a woman’s role in it. ‘A visceral, wild ride set in Scotland … pure braw’
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As a former creative writing teacher, I’ve always enjoyed working with people to help them express themselves and get their stories ‘out there’.

In As I Lay Me Down to Sleep, I worked with the irrepressible and fun Eileen Munro, who was burning with a story to tell about personal and social injustice.

In Second Chances: true stories of living with Addison’s disease, I worked with fifteen other ‘Addies’ to tell our stories of how this rare health condition affects our lives.

Addison’s disease is a rare auto-immune condition which can be fatal. In this ebook, sixteen people from around the world tell their story. Click the image for more information.
A devastating true story of a childhood ruined through neglect and abuse. But it’s also an uplifting story of personal resilience.
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My first short story was published in a Scottish literary magazine called Cencrastus in 1999. In 2011, my first short story collection was published as an ebook by PotHole Press.

As someone who passionately believes in creative expression for all, I compiled and produced the ebook Creative Writing Prompts to Feed the Imagination. For those times when our creativity is hungry for a boost!

A recipe for Scottish candy, the energy efficiency coding of white goods, home decorating – all appear in this collection of stories about ordinary, domestic life. A car chase, a plunge from a bridge and a Rottweiler attack are there, too.
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A feast of writing prompts and ideas to get your teeth into.
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