Out now – my novel Incunabulum.

Want a feelgood read about life after a pandemic? This is it. I promise you – the characters face their share of scary fights and ordeals, but this is a positive book, fast-paced and with a happy ending, and isn’t that exactly what we want right now?
Incunabulum is epic storytelling about aftermath, birth and rebirth.
Try it! And let me know what you think of it.

The internet’s dead. The phone’s dead. Alice wakes from flu to find the world dead. Or is it?
Choosing a few special photos, she sets off in search of other survivors. Vulnerable Sara, whom she takes under her wing then lets down. The Gaffer, who fills her with disgust. Eric, affable, respectable, trustworthy. Junkie the slut. And Peej, the gaunt underclass anti-hero.
When tension ignites between Alice’s new community and the marauding ‘Bikers’, her refuge is destroyed and Peej is injured. To lie low, they go underground. Literally. But other things need resolving. There’s Alice’s drink habit. The mystery of the tiny face in her photograph. The disrobing of the real villain who damaged Sara.
And there’s one final battle if they want to survive.

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