As I Lay Me Down to Sleep

In 2008, I co-wrote the biography of Eileen Munro, As I Lay Me Down to Sleep. It’s a moving account of Eileen’s childhood. Born illegitimate in the early 1960s, she was given up for adoption, yet the ideal parents were anything but. They were alcoholics whose addiction enabled Eileen to be taken advantage of by a sexual predator. Published by Mainstream, now Penguin, As I Lay Me Down to Sleep rapidly became a Scottish best seller.

Behind the scenes and unknown to me, people were talking. Of course they were talking. People had been talking since before I arrived. Talking about how my mother and father shouldn’t have been allowed the responsibility of children.

A story of neglect, childhood trauma, and resilience.

Enduringly popular, As I Lay Me Down to Sleep is still available to buy on Kindle.