Reviews and features

Part of my working life is spent reading novels and life-writing. It’s a hard life. The books arrive through my letterbox, I curl up with a whisky and crisps (or maybe some rich dark chocolate) and lose myself for hours in someone else’s creative imagination. Lovely!

I review regularly for Booktrust, the UK’s leading reading and writing charity, based in London. My reviews appear in their monthly ‘Books we like’ feature, which I recommend highly. I’ve been involved with Booktrust since late autumn 2012, reviewing two books per month usually, and it’s brought me some of the best of contemporary literature.

Particular favourites include:

Amy Sackville’s Orkney

Delphine de Vigan’s Nothing Holds Back The Night

Eugen Ruge’s In Times of Fading Light

Rosa Rankin-Gee’s Last Kings of Sark

Andrew Cowan’s Worthless Men.

Click here to link to Booktrust’s ‘Books We Like’ feature and archive.

I’ve also contributed to Booktrust’s Translated Fiction blog, with three feature articles. One is about German author Eugen Ruge; ‘Eyes East’ considers┬áthe impact of immigration from eastern Europe to the UK on literature in translation; and the third is an interview with the celebrated and hugely industrious translator and author Donal McLaughlin.

In addition, I review regularly for Northwords Now – the free literary magazine of the North of Scotland.

Recent favourites reviewed for Northwords Now include –

Nick Brooks Indecent Acts

Anneliese Mackintosh Any Other Mouth

I’ve reviewed historical fiction by J David Simon, contemporary literary fiction by Morag Joss, medical ethics novels by Hazel McHaffie, and autobiography by Elizabeth McCullough. My reviews usually appear on the Northwords Now website, and you can access that by clicking on the link.